Propane Burner with Steamer Pot-Turkey Fry & Tamale 24 Quart

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Comes packed in a package that is collectively no more than 15 lbs. the High-Pressure Propane Burner and 24 QT Aluminum Steamer Pot Bundle is just about ready for anything! Comes included are a high output propane burner, steamer pot, and a high-pressure regulator that can be used to adjusted to your desired needs.


  • Compact making it convenient for easy carry and storage
  • Includes a High Output Propane Burner
  • All in One Bundle
  • Suited for Medium to Large Parties
  • Ideal for Tamales, Cajun Boiling, Crawfish, Crab Cooking

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Propane Burner with Steamer Pot-Turkey Fry & Tamale 24 Quart


  • HIGH HEAT OUTDOOR COOKER – Gas One’s single propane burner cooks, boils, and grills rather quickly. A great addition for those looking to power there Tailgating, camping, or even the occasional family cook-out
  • STEAMER/STOCKPOT INCLUDED – Gas One’s single propane burner includes an aluminum steamer and stockpot so that you have all the materials you need to get cooking right away!
  • STEEL BRAIDED HOSE – Includes 0-5 psi adjustable regulator, heat resistance, the steel-braided hose that ensures safe gas pressure and flow. An O-Ring is included with the regulator to assure a leak-free experience
  • PERFECT FOR ALL COOKING – A reliable burner for diverse cooking, Gas One’s single gas burner is a great tool for turkey frying, crab boiling, Cajun cooking, and other types of outdoor cooking
  • STURDY BUILD AND MATERIAL – Gas One’s single burner is built with a strong constructible frame.


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