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Any Additional Fees?2021-05-28T16:43:08+00:00

The Actual Cost of Stay

No, there isn’t any hidden fee of any amount when it comes to the actual cost of staying in the room/suite. The $1000 is what you pay for it and it is all you pay for it.

Hotels Reserve

Most hotels and resorts will ask for the credit card and place a hold on $100 when you check-in. Don’t worry, they are always refundable, and as long as you didn’t go hog wild on the mini bar, or break a window you will get it back.

State or Area Taxes

If they don’t get ya coming, they inevitably will get you going, and for most vacation spots, there will be a vacation fee, or a tourist fee, or a timeshare fee, and some sort of hotel tax that will be assessed. Expect something to be added to your checkout thanks to governments wanting to get their “share”.


How to Get Started?2021-05-23T22:10:30+00:00

It is easy!

  • From our home page click on one of the Destinations we have highlighted that you want to go to
  • On the Destination Page click on the guided link or the big button at the bottom of the page to fill out the booking form
  • Press Submit on the Form

Yep, it’s just that simple. We will contact you with the preferred number you filled in on the form and will walk you through the whole process!

How Does the Process Work?2021-05-23T22:26:03+00:00

When We Contact You –

  • We will verify your chosen Destination
  • Time you are looking to go (When you want to book the stay)
  • The number of people going
  • The number of rooms you desire

To Book Your Destination We Need –

  • Your full name as it shows on your driver’s license
  • A Debit/Credit Card number for Resort to keep on file
  • Gain confirmation numbers to send to you

Once Booked You Need to –

  • You call the confirmation number of the Resort to verify the booking
  • We finalize it all and you create wonderful memories with your loved ones!
When Do I Pay the $1000?2021-05-23T22:48:34+00:00

There are Two Options –

Option One:

  • Pay us via Venmo or Credit Card (we use Square) the full $1000 at the end of the first call
  • We get you booked and the confirmation info on a return call
  • You verify, and enjoy your stay!

Option Two:

  • Pay us via Venmo or Credit Card the first $500 at the end of the first call
  • We get you booked and the confirmation info on a return call
  • You call to verify, and upon verification from the Resort, you pay the remaining $500 directly after.
    • Via Venmo or contact us to run the Credit Card for the last part of the $500
  • Enjoy your stay!

We do reserve the right of the cancellation of the booking if the full $1000 is not paid within 72 hours of booking verification ( it does cost us to bring this to you)

We also reserve the right to have $250 as a non-refundable fee upon cancellation for any reason, at any time before the time up to the day of your stay. Any other monies that have been paid will be refunded back to you in the manner of which you used to pay us (via Venmo or credit card refund).

Can I Cancel the Booking?2021-05-23T22:59:43+00:00

Short Answer – Yes

The Long Answer is:

  • You can cancel without any money being transferred by a simple message to us with no fuss at all
  • After the money has been transferred and the booking has occurred (with or without your own verification) a call or notification to us will cancel the booking
    • You will be subject to the $250 non-refundable fee with the remaining money being refunded back to you.
  • This can happen all the way up to 24 hours of your vacation start date.
How Often Can I Book with You?2021-05-28T16:50:35+00:00

As Often As You Like!

As we mentioned, our source and connection at present has an unlimited inventory as it now stands. While that is subject to change, it doesn’t look like it is changing any time soon.

So you can keep coming back, book your next spot with the new destination vacation locations we will keep adding and grow that travelling bug you have.

What’s Included in the Chosen Destination for the $1000?2021-05-28T16:40:43+00:00

Each hotel/resort property is different

However, what we have tried to do is to have those properties that have all that you would need as close as possible if not already on-location. Generally speaking, you will have access to:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Exercise Room
  • Recreation Room (Billards, Ping Pong, Foosball)
  • On-site cafes or casual dining
  • Beach access (where applicable)

Each destination will detail what is on-site and what kind of things (food, attractions, excursions, adventures, etc.) are close by.

What About Air Travel?2021-05-23T23:06:31+00:00

Airfare is not included in this offer

The chance for a Five-Star, All-Inclusive Resort experience does not include how you get to the location. That will be up to you and your sources

Of course we will have our suggestions, but it will be your responsibility to schedule your flights and travel to and from the resorts.

What About a Car Rental?2021-05-23T23:09:27+00:00

Car Rentals are not included in this offer

Like your flights, your car rentals are not included in what we have for you here.

Is There a Limit to When I Can Book a Stay?2021-06-16T20:23:57+00:00

Generally speaking, there is a threshold of about 45 to 60 days from today. If you are looking for further away in time, we can take a look but there is no guarantee for the place you want to stay can be scheduled or booked.

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